What is a Fleshlight?

Answers to commonly asked questions about Fleshlight:

What is a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight represents the next step in the evolution of male masturbation. Here’s why the Fleshlight is unique:

  1. Unlike many male masturbators, the Fleshlight’s patented design includes a hard outer Case that contains the Fleshlight Sleeve. Not only does this Case contribute to the Fleshlight’s distinctive look and brand image, it also makes using the product easier and keeps the ‘mess’ to a minimum. An added bonus to our Case design is that it offers the user the ability to control the level of suction during use (by tightening or loosening the end cap) further heightening the experience.
  2. Our patented SuperSkin material is unlike anything available on today’s market. Phthalate free and non-toxic, your customers are bound to be impressed by the realistic feel of our material.
  3. All Fleshlight products are produced in the United States and our highly trained staff closely monitors quality control in order to ensure that every Fleshlight that leaves our facility meets our highest standards for quality.

The Fleshlight is composed of two corresponding parts, the Fleshlight Case and Fleshlight Sleeve. The Case is discreetly designed to resemble a common flashlight and is available to you in a variety of colours, including black, silver, white and clear. Each end of the Fleshlight Case features a removable ‘cap.’ The larger cap is removed during use and exposes the Fleshlight Sleeve (more on that in a moment). The smaller cap on the opposite side controls the level of suction the user experiences during use and can be removed to assist with easy cleaning.

The soft, supple, pliable Fleshlight Sleeve is made from Super Skin, a patented material that is unmatched in replicating the feel of real skin. The sleeves are available in a variety of options, are non-toxic, phthalate-free, easy to clean, and will last for years with proper care. The sleeve is easily removed from the Fleshlight Case for cleaning and customers can use the same Fleshlight Case with multiple sleeves. Remove the Sleeve from the Case prior to use and heat the sleeve in warm water for a few minutes. The material will retain the heat remarkably well and friction will do the rest. Replace the Sleeve inside the Fleshlight Case, generously lubricate the product and rinse the Sleeve and Case with warm water after use.

How big is the Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight is approximately 10 inches in length and 4 inches in diameter.

Does it vibrate or require batteries? Will it function like a regular flashlight?

No. The Fleshlight does not require batteries or electricity to function.

Are Fleshlight sleeves made with latex or plastic or silicone?

No. The Fleshlight material is a company secret covered by a series of US patents. No other sex products are built with the same feel and durability as the Fleshlight. Words can not explain this one of a kind product!

How do you use the Fleshlight?

Warm your Fleshlight sleeve by soaking it in a sink/tub filled with warm water. If necessary, drain the water and repeat the process with new warm water. Do NOT boil or microwave your sleeve! Shake off the water and replace the sleeve in the Fleshlight case, adjust the tightness of the cap at the bottom to vary the suction of the sleeve, and finish by applying a liberal amount of lubricant to the Fleshlight and yourself. If the Fleshlight still feels too cold to you, then next time try warming the lube in the sink/tub at the same time as the sleeve. The Fleshlight is now ready for use.

What is the best way to clean the Fleshlight?

Simply rinse your Fleshlight sleeve with warm water from your sink and Fleshlight Fleshwash Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner. Allow time for both to dry before storing. Do NOT use soap to clean your sleeve. To maintain that soft feel, sprinkle a liberal amount of Fleshlight Renewing Powder on the sleeve and shake off the excess powder. We do NOT recommend the use of talcum or baby powder. NOTE: Powdering of an Ice Fleshlight with Talc will cause it to gradually cloud over.

What is the best way to dry the Fleshlight?

Shake out as much water as possible and place in a well ventilated area. For quick drying, slide a thin cloth/towel (lint-free preferably) through it from one end to the other. When you return it to the case, make sure to leave the end caps loose so that air can continue to circulate.

Can I use a condom with the Fleshlight?

While there is no need to use a condom with the Fleshlight (as long as you do NOT share your Fleshlight!), doing so will not harm the Fleshlight or yourself.

What if my Fleshlight sleeve is sticky after it is cleaned and dried?

The sleeve is NOT defective. It may be stored in its tacky state. When it comes time for using the Fleshlight, just rinse it in warm water, let it dry, and then apply lubricant. It is possible to simply powder the sleeve with a bit of corn starch.

What type of lubricants can be used with the Fleshlight?

We recommend the use of water-based lubricants only. Oil-based lubricants should NOT be used, since they will slowly destroy the Fleshlight material over time.