Fleshlight Girls - Nicole Aniston FIT

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Fit is the name of Nicole Aniston’s only Fleshlight texture. This exclusive insert is solely with Nicole’s unique, signed Vagina as the opening available.
The name of the texture says it all, because this one is targeted on increasing your sexual stamina. This also makes it a direct competitor to the established Stamina Training Unit.

Now its Nicole Aniston’s signature textures turn to proof that it lives up to its promise. A multitude of newly designed bump and rib structures aim to help the texture fulfill its pledge. At least you have to hand it to Fit, it already looks very intensive!

4 chambers – the more distinct the fitter
Fit aims for a high goal, but boredom is not on its list. The four chambers could not be more distinct. The only similarity is that they are all about the same length. Other than that, they all provide a firework of stimulation through novel bumps, ribs, grooves, rings and constrictions.

Lotus Fleshlight Masturbator. The excitingly textured, multi-chambered \'Lotus\' texture of the inner walls will not only please you, it also can help you learn to last longer in bed, even through intense stimulation. You\'ll have to touch the soft sleeve to believe how good it feels, because the Superskin material goes far beyond ordinary simulated skin. It\'s elastic, soft, and warms to the touch, or you can heat the sleeve in warm water before using for some extra sensation. The design really is perfect for self-pleasure and self-training, the body is styled like a traditional flashlight that not only looks discreet; it makes for a natural and comfortable grip. Great sex toy for him.

Try It With Our Water Based or Warming Lubricants

Removable sleeve
phthalate free
Highly textured inner sleeve

Sexual Tips and How to Use: You can adjust how tightly it grips you for even more (or less) of an intense sensation, just loosen up the cap at the bottom of the Fleshlight to change the grip. You can also wedge the body of the Fleshlight between couch cushions or pillows to be used hands-free. Something to note is that all Fleshlight sleeves require a lot of lube for the best possible experience and your as safety and comfort. Water-based lube works very well with the Fleshlight, never use an oil based lube, it can break down the material
Cleaning Advice: You should never use soap on the insert of your Fleshlight, a rinse with warm water works for most cleaning jobs, for tougher ones, try a little isopropyl alcohol or toy cleaner. It\'s important to let the insert dry completely before storing it away.
Storing Advice:Store this sex toy in its own container to help keep dust at bay. Avoid storing toys touching one another. Dry completely before storage.

Product Details :
Color : FleshTone
Orifice : Nicole Aniston Vagina
Canal Diameter : 1/4 to 3/4 inch (0.6 - 1.9 cm)
Canal Texture : FIT
Length : 10 inches (25.4 cm)
Diameter : 4 inches to 2.5 inches (10.2 to 6.4 cm)
Pearlescent Case Included
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